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May 19 2018

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[Anna] goes “Yeah, you can make fun of me, you can make fun of me—just don’t say that I’m like a bitch and that you don’t like me.”

April 16 2018

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March 31 2018


okay so a friend of mine gave me these magnetic letters to put on my fridge that he bought at a dollar store

and it has typical writing on it that you would expect to find on a dollar store alphabet set “helps children learn to spell” etc.

but after we opened it we saw the Z had been covering a message:



March 26 2018

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Hey @gallusrostromegalus i feel like you could math this out because, bread Jesus

That is amazingly confident of you to think I can do math, but let me try.

So, according to the nurtritional info on the back of Broadman Church Brand commuion wafers, a singer wafer/serving is 0.32 grams or 0.0007 lbs.  We therefore need 10,000 communion wafers to make about 7lbs.

The Challah loaf on my counter weighs pretty much exactly a pound, so I used that to measure me, and I am about 6 loaves high and 2 wide, but given I’m a short little gremlin, we’ll assume Bread Jesus was about 7 loaves high, making his mass a total of 14 loaves, or 14 lbs.

Therefore, one Bread Jesus is about 20,000 individual communion wafers ($317.40 if you were going to buy the 20 1000-ct boxes)  I can’t offer nutrition facts on that mass in communion wafers becuase since the nurtitional value of communion wafers is measured in single servings and thefore legally don’t have measureable calories, but 14 loaves of Challah is about 17,920 calories.

HOWEVER, that’s not what this person is asking.  They’ve resumably never heard of the Bread Jesus, and proably want to know how many wafers it takes to consume an Actual Jesus.

So the average height of a Man in Modern Isreal is about 5′9″, but accounting for better nutrition in the modern era, Jesus was probably closer to 5′7″.  The “ideal” male BMI for a 5′7″ man is 135lbs, but given The Dude was suffering from ye olde timey malnutrition and starved prior to his death, I’m gonna ballpark him closer to 120.   
Huh, jesus is smaller than I thought.

(120/7)10,000= 171,429 wafers (rounded up to a whole wafer, you’re not going to be taking halfsies) 
Which would cost about $ 2,720,578.23
and take you 3287.7 years to eat, if you take one wafer a week at communion.

March 14 2018


MC: -softly playing with Asra’s hair-

MC: Wow your hair feels like a cloud

MC: Is it because your head is always in the clouds?

March 10 2018


Level 1: Prophecy proclaims that no man can kill villain; killed by woman.

Level 2: Prophecy proclaims that no weapon can harm villain; pushed down stairs and dies.

Level 3: Prophecy proclaims that villain will be brought low by no mortal hand; kicked to death by angry mob.

Level 4: Prophecy proclaims that no power on Earth shall be villain’s undoing; fatally distracted by sun in eyes.

Level 5: Prophecy proclaims that only power of laughter can defeat villain; beat up by clown.



name one native american intellectual off the top of your head, name one native american actor or actress off the top of your head, name one native american senator, one native american news anchor, or an author or a tv personality or a singer or a poet or a comedian, name a single native american teacher you’ve had, can you? probably not 

ok so now think of one native american cartoon character you know of or a sports team relating to native americans whether it’s their actual name or their team logo, or a town you live in or near with a “native” name bet a lot of these things came to you right away i bet you didn’t even have to think 

needing native representation in media, education and government are not decoy issues, the commercialization and appropriation of native cultures are not decoy issues, the lack of native representation is institutional oppression at work 

White people specifically need to reblog this, I don’t CARE if it makes you uncomfortable–that’s the point. Listen to Native voices about Native issues PLEASE

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I miss you, Space Mom.

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I don’t understand how you can see Killmonger disrespect culture, attack women, basically was trained by military to tear down civilizations, his own father says he is disappointed in what he’s done, move to arm black people outside of Wakanda with high tech weapons (yes cuz giving Leroy and em cannon blasters is gonna help the cause) and y’all still fix ya lips to say he was right lol when Nakia exists. Wild.

I was waiting for someone to say this.

There’s a reason he was the villain. He killed his girlfriend in cold blood. His anger was understandable, true, but his methods abhorrent and destructive. The end result would have been huge amounts of death and chaos. No positive outcome.

[Killmonger was an amazingly written villain and a great, if not perfect, example of how to execute a “tragic backstory villain arc”. Due to his characters anger and Michael’s incredible acting it made Killmonger a character a large amount of people could empathize with. An amazing villain. Truly.]

Nakia LITERALLY was team “let’s stop having Wakanda be an isolationist nation and help the worlds oppressed” from the jump and she doesn’t get enough credit.

this whole thread is A+

exactly! she was meant as a foil to killmonger with the same founding principles to demonstrate his extremism while also being ABSOLUTELY RIGHT

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did you know red snapper can live for over 100 years…. whatre they DOING down there

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did you know red snapper can live for over 100 years…. whatre they DOING down there

February 12 2018

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DOKI DOKI *cue theme song*

Super had fun making this (a print, soon!) also added a few details which you may find interesting~ ;)

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doki doki fight club


Let’s Players giving the Doki Doki Literature Club girls silly voices and then having to keep using them in Act 2 is a prime example of You’ve made your bed. Now lie in it.


Sayori: [doing stuff]

Sayori’s depression: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER

Sayori, not missing a beat: SUNSHINE, MOTHERFUCKER

Sayori’s depression, pointing at Natsuki and Yuri: THEY FIGHT, MOTHERFUCKER


Sayori’s depression: Y'ALL DIE, MOTHERFUCKER


Sayori’s depression: SUICIDE, MOTHERFUCKER



Sayori: k

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Painfuly accurate meme.

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